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Mommies in Motion is a total body fitness class for moms to attend with their babies or toddlers. Classes are held outdoors and are 60 minutes long. The program for each class varies however; they all include functional resistance training, core training and cardio so you get the best workout without having to go to the gym or find childcare. Our instructors are moms that are BCRPA certified and have a passion for enabling other moms to reach their fitness goals. All levels of fitness are welcome so hurry up and join the fun!

Toni is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor and Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist. A mom of two and a sport enthusiast, Toni is committed to enabling and empowering women and men to reach their fitness goals. Toni has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years and has been teaching mom & baby group fitness classes for more than 7 years. She also trains pre & post natal individuals on a one to one basis. “I really enjoy teaching every minute of a group fitness class; however I also enjoy the sense of community and the bonds created when working out with fellow moms.”

Toni & Son

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